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In rural areas, a septic installation is the most economical and effective way to get rid of domestic wastewater. The septic system, mostly a septic tank and its scrubber element, will operate efficiently and safely for years, provided it is designed, bult and maintained adequately by professionals. At Septique DD, we always strive to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Aware of the importance of the client’s investment and environmentally consciencious, Septique DD is the reference in the field of septic installations.

Whether it be inspections, installations or repairs to septic systems, we always offer high quality, efficient, reliable and safe services and products.


How to recognize real specialists in septic systems installation and repair:

1.They are not simply excavatorsthey are specialized in their field which makes them not only expert their sector of activity but also the real reference in the septic system in the region.

2. They train annually on all the septic systems on the market in order to be able to install and repair any type of system according to current standards.

3. Each project is managed and executed with thoroughness and quality in order to avoid unnecessary future component repair or adjustment expenditures, thus guaranteeing the long-term completion of the economic project .

4. They always uses quality materials and parts that have demonstrated their reliability and durability in the long term, while using avant-garde working techniques to avoid possible hassles for their customers.

Septique DD is a certified installer and repairman:


PremierTech Aqua

  • Premier Tech Gold certification
  • Ecoflo Biofilter
  • FDi Disinfection Filter
  • Self-cleaning DiUV disinfection unit
  • DpEC Self-Cleaning Phosphorus Removal Unit


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  • (All products)
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