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Here is the letter received from Premier Tech
Monday, May 26, 2014 Subject: Septic DD hereby, Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) wishes to attest to the professionalism and leadership of septic DD in the field of sanitation of domestic waters.  This is the reason why septic DD and PTA have been engaged for several years in a partnership relationship. Septic DD is indeed the exclusive service partner in the Outaouais region for all Ecoflo facilities. The company thus contributes to the maintenance of a physical presence of premier Tech Aqua in the field to solve technical problems and analyze the functionality of the processing systems. In addition, septic DD itself performs quality Ecoflo facilities (at a rate of about fifteen installations annually).
  Jaclin Ouellet
Regional Coordinator Premier Tech Aqua




Merci Jonathan.

Very pleased with your work on our property. Very professional. 



Bonjour Jonathan,

Nous tenons simplement à te souligner comment nous avons été satisfait des services de Guillaume.  Il travaille avec précaution et professionnalisme.  Nous n’hésiterons pas à recommander le nom de votre firme et de votre employé à quiconque qui requiert les services de votre champs d’expertise.

Salutations, Denis Rhéaume

Denis Rhéaume

Hi Jonathan

We filled out the form and sent it to you.   Hopefully you got it.  If not,  let us know and we will try again. 

We are so pleased with the work.   The crew that was here,  Dominic, Nicholas, J.P. and Patrick, were fantastic.  Any chance we get to recommend your company we definitely will.  

Thanks so much for making a stressful time a great experience. 

Peter and Cindi Brown

Peter and Cindi Brown

Septique DD was the second company to come and evaluate my situation .
I had been told by a plumber that my entire septic field need to be replaced (even though I got as clean bill from the municipality this summer )
I got referred to Jonathan by a satisfied neighbor and I gave him a call.

He came the same day , in just a few mins he told me my field was in good working order and he suspected it was the line from my house to the tank. I could tell he knew his stuff , he was quick and assessed it with knowledgeable experience . He suggested that his associate come back the next day with a camera as check in side the line.

Sure enough there were blocks and buildup from many years . He flushed it all out with his new top of the line equipment and reassessed it with his camera afterwards . JOB DONE . It’S worth having these guys called FIRST not last . They really know what they are doing . Honest and affordable . I cant say enough .
Thank you to you both !

Linda Burton, Chelsea

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